Medium Duty Scaffolding at Darlinghurst Road, New South Wales

This project located at Darlinghurst Road, New South Wales was involved in removing an existing signage from the top of a building and installing another new signage.

The Client Requested a medium duty working scaffolding with 450 kg/bay, the challenge was to design that medium duty scaffolding with a 4m cantilever part at the top of the building in that high wind area, and the other challenge was that we are not allowed to sit the scaffolding in the whole are in front of the building.

For the 4m cantilever part the first requirement  we designed the members against the maximum wind pressure and we braced that cantilever against the existing building.

The second requirement we successfully designed one bay to be as cantilever and to be braced with the next bay, we added ladder beams and we tied the whole scaffolding to the existing building.

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