Civil Consulting & Design

Expert Civil Engineering Consultants in Sydney

We are a team of Sydney-based civil engineers and consultants who have been handpicked for their capability & experience. Our expertise and years of professional experience is sufficient to handle every complex project of your property. They have the ability to provide you a complete service solution. You will definitely love our style to manage your project. Our engineering consultancy in Sydney is best to provide you cost effective results.

For your project, the advance solutions are offered in many disciplines. So far we are offering you the services of structural, civil, geotechnical, hydraulics, environmental, electrical and mechanical projects.

Get up to date and expert solution from our team of highly qualified and competitive civil engineers. The extensive industry experience and knowledge far beyond is what makes our team of engineers the most compatible ones. Our thorough, practical, up to date and helpful approach is ideal for the modern era residential and business place needs. For you, we can also handle projects of wimple sewer & water extensions, port & mine infrastructure and large-scale subdivisions.

Civil Consulting Considerations

We know geotechnical risks are crucial for you that include slope stability, piled foundations and groundwater management. Whether, you want a temporary or permanent solution, we can manage everything effectively for personnel safety & project success.

Due to the distinct and unique characteristics of every building, the hydraulics needs also differ accordingly. Our engineers are expertise in the varied needs and demands of every building with vast industry experience, offering you the services of sanitary sewer & waste, storm water drainage, cold water, hot water, natural gas and many more. We provide wide range of solutions in comfortably affordable installation costs.

The environmental characteristics of a site can have practical implications on your project. Our knowledge of acid sulphate soils and site contamination levels ensure your project success. Our team of experienced environmental engineers offer a comprehensive range of services specifically tailored to your requirements. We ensure quality product delivery at minimal cost.

With continued rapid advancement in technology, we can help you to meet the demand of future expectations. You can get innovative and cost-effective solutions from our services of power distributions, lighting, smoke detection, security systems etc.

Thomas Engineers also specialises in stormwater drainage design. The designs we offer are innovative, functional, and have the potential to add value to properties.

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Along with all the above mentioned services, you can get appropriate mechanical services from our mechanical engineers. They will add an extra dimension to the process of your mechanical services design. Our client focus approach ensures you the project requirements are properly understood and it will be reflected in our documentation.