Building Inspections & Dilapidation Reports

If you are about to commence new work at your home or building, your place may be reliant to obtain a dilapidation report. In this regard, you need assistance from a professional building inspector.

The initial inspection & report document contains all the findings about cracks and other possible damages. More, this report can be compared with a follow up inspection after the work is completed. Further report will be documented, if new or further damages are found. The remedial work is necessary to save your money in the whole procedure.

We offer a complete range of assessment solutions to our valued customers that include residential and business place inspections, defects report & inspection and dilapidation inspection reports. We also offer Electrical, timber pest and plumbing inspections for you.

You can use these reports for a variety of purposes. Our preparation and correct submission are beneficial for you to improve the condition of your property. Your neighbors could be directly affected by the construction work, whether they are residential, commercial, retail or industrial neighbors. Our reports cover all the aspects and a copy will be given to you and other relevant people prior to work starting.

One of the best parts is that our document will clearly show the state of a building with the help of photographs. We also use videos for certain cases as evidence. We know your concern that’s why we also add captions to point out the unique features shown in the pictures. Each photo in the report will be labeled with specific reference label and contain important information how these photos were taken.

The time and date of photos with a timestamp will be added in the report. You and other concerned parties will be involved in the completion of the process. They will sign each report of the photos to ensure your safe side. The report will also contain signatures of property owner, the construction company and the appraiser.

You can use the report as a legal document for various purposes including litigation. In a court case, you are free to use it as evidence. These reports can be notarized and stored by law offices.

We ensure your rights will be protected with the report prior to starting work. The small cost can avoid your headaches & expensive litigation in the future.

We are always pleased to offer you perfect reports through building inspections.

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