Site Inspections and Dilapidation Reports

Expert Dilapidation Reports for Sydney Construction Sites

Dilapidation reports are a rarely considered element of construction, although it is one that is very important depending on your building site. If your building is situated in close proximity to other buildings, there is a chance that any building work performed on your property may negatively affect nearby properties. This is similarly the case in demolition work, where there can be potential damage made to nearby properties when your property is being demolished.

There is such large potential for damage to other buildings due to the precarious nature of construction sites. Building and demolition work necessitate the use of heavy machinery and equipment, and with such equipment there is always an associated risk. Modification of the building site using these machines may involve the removal of large trees, significant amounts of soil, and existing slabs. Knocking down walls or other foundational elements may also lead to perilous circumstances.

A Construction Site Inspection Can Prepare You for the Worst

Construction sites are obviously not intended to be places of great hazard, although there is no guarantee that damage will not be caused to nearby infrastructure or adjoining or adjacent houses.

Our experienced building consultants in Sydney offer comprehensive construction site inspections and reports at a very affordable cost. Using experienced consultants is paramount in reducing the potential for any information to slip through, which can potentially cost property owners huge money in the future.

Our engineers know what to look for, so you can rest easy knowing that our reports will be comprehensive. We ensure things like notes, measurements, photos and diagrams are recorded to develop an accurate representation of your property, in addition to nearby properties.

Contact us for a thorough dilapidation report

In addition to the considerable experience of our construction site inspectors, they also maintain professional indemnity and public liability insurance, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in safe hands. Make sure to contact us for a quote, or if you have any questions regarding dilapidation reports.

Thomas Engineers insists its staff to inspect construction sites and make dilapidation reports according. These prove to be beneficial for the clients and company both. By doing this in case a damage claim arises from and adjacent property owner, you would have evidence to prove your position.